What We Do – Hospitality Management & Beyond

How is hospitality management by broughtonHOTELS different? Internally we just say we’re “doing our thing,” but we realize you probably want bit more context. Truth is, the experienced team at Broughton is passionate, possibly even a little obsessive, about the hotel management services that ultimately make a hotel successful. We recognize that every property is unique and perform an extensive discovery process before we begin to address any challenge.

The professionals that make up the Broughton team offer proven expertise in every facet of hotel and hospitality management, ensuring that your property is operating at absolute optimal levels. Learn more about what we do:

Broughton Can Do a Lot for Your Property

  • Attain the maximum RevPAR
  • Generate exceptional Net Operating Income results through operational controls
  • Allow your property to purchase inventory at discounts
  • Include your proprety in Broughton’s Global Distribution System Agreement—offering worldwide exposure to travel agent and airline computers and online reservation sites
  • Establish higher levels of guest loyalty, resulting in more repeat guests
  • Attract a continuous stream of business through effective sales, marketing and public relations programs
  • Provide the optimum financial return