Broughton Hotels, a Hotel Marketing Company with Focus

broughtonHOTELS is a full-service hotel marketing company with a singular belief: that the development of an effective sales, marketing and public relations program requires an individual and creative approach tailored to each property’s unique features and markets. No one-size-fits all approaches here, no sir.

This belief informs our every action, from our detailed reporting to our community outreach within each of our properties’ markets. The following principles have made Broughton one of the premier hotel marketing companies:

  1. Tap into the heart and soul of the local community.
  2. Ensure that each of our hotel associates understands that the best marketing person is a guest who has thoroughly enjoyed his or her stay.
  3. Actively participate and support local business organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Conference and Visitors Bureau, Merchant Associations, and hotel industry organizations.
  4. Identify and segment our niche market into components, analyzing the best sales methods for penetrating each segment. Develop programs that target potential users specifically.
  5. Identify adjectives and psychographics that describe target guests and also apply to the hotel. Focus advertising dollars and public relations efforts on those magazines and publications where maximum impact will result.
  6. Build ties with travel agents by direct mailing, site visits, direct calls, and prompt payment of commissions
  7. Maintain strong relationships with other hoteliers that will lead to referrals and business leads.
  8. Aggressively utilize proprietary internet website, as well as Global Distribution System & Alternative Distribution Systems to drive business to hotel to capture market share - especially critical for a non-branded and boutique hotel marketing company.
  9. Fully utilize guest profile information and create a positive awareness about the upcoming changes to the property through email campaigns to past guests, and phone calls to top corporate accounts and demand generators.
  10. What is measured is improved! Every hotel in the Broughton Portfolio has access to industry reports that when coupled together with an aggressive sales team give them a competitive advantage.

Our approach to hotel operations and financial management is just a intensely focused at the hotel level. Learn all about What We Do.