Hotel Operations Management by Broughton Hotels

Hotel operations management by broughtonHOTELS is multi-faceted, but it’s built on a simple foundation: the most savvy, experienced and hands-on operators in the boutique hotel business. We’re like the A-Team of the industry. Broughton member hotels consistently outpace market growth because of their creative and aggressive sales, marketing and media campaigns.

We understand that the hotel operations game changes with smaller boutique hotels. They typically have more fixed-costs, and their break-even ratios are higher than larger hotels. This translates to tightly controlled expenses and managers that are encouraged to be “possessed by the numbers,” thereby driving up profitability and increasing the hotel’s value. Did you get all that?

Broughton places extraordinary emphasis on providing a positive guest experience and understands that the word-of-mouth advertising this offers trumps any print ad or magazine article the hotel could ever place. Our hotels boast a high base of repeat guests and word-of-mouth business because of this service-driven approach. Happy guests = repeat guests. It’s like the theory of guest-ativity.

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