Larry Broughton

President & CEO

"He represents the best qualities of veteran entrepreneurs—tough, savvy, agile and intelligent."
-Chris Hale, Publisher of Vetrepreneur Magazine

It’s hard to tell Larry Broughton’s bio apart from a movie trailer, but if it were, it would probably sound something like this (and be sure to imagine it in movie guy’s deep voice);

“In a world, where the hospitality industry is at its lowest point, one man refuses to take failure as an answer. A green beret, black belt, intellectual and now hospitality industry trendsetter, wills his company to success. This, is the story of Larry Broughton.”

Right? And it would only be appropriate to cast Chuck Norris as Larry. Larry founded broughtonHOTELS in January of 2001 and Broughton’s portfolio now includes more than a dozen hospitality projects throughout California and Chicago, Illinois.

Since forming Broughton, Larry's creative approach to business has been featured in news articles, on television, radio, telegraph, smoke signals...

"A phenomenally successful entrepreneur."
-Advertising guru Dony Deutsch, Host of CNBC's The Big Idea

Larry has combined all of his life experience, as well as a not-so-shabby academic romp through the halls of such esteemed institutions as the University of California and Stanford to create a unique brand of leadership and team-building talents, leading to one of the industry’s most upbeat, respected and enduring hotel companies. Others have agreed, possibly fearing a karate chop, and bestowed Larry with industry and national awards such as Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year and NaVOBA’s Vetrepreneur of the Year.

Larry lives in Irvine, CA and is blessed by his daughter, Emily, and son, Ben.